Free software for archaeological data management


Download Ishtar


Ishtar sources are available in a Git repository on Gitlab.


Ishtar version 1 has a Debian Wheezy package. Installation instructions are detailed on the page of the Debian repository hosted by Iggdrasil company.

Ishtar version 3 will have Debian Stretch and Buster packages.

Host Ishtar

Ishtar is a free software so you can obviously host your instance yourself.

If you don't have the required skills, and/or don't have a dedicated server and/or don't feel like managing that or if you would like to support the main developer, a hosting solution is proposed by Iggdrasil (small company founded by the lead developer of Ishtar and an archaeologist). Contact Étienne Loks by e-mail.


Ishtar is a database project for managing archaeological data and documentation (including archaeological finds) from archaeological operations, ensuring maximum traceability of the information, published as a free software under AGPL license.